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Poet. Spoken Word Artist. Slam Poet. Teaching Artist. Published Author. Educational Consultant. Speaker. Program Director. Workshop Leader. Father. Star Wars Fan. (this is where the list starts taking a turn). Introverted Spark Plug. Extraverted Closed Box. Opening Headliner. Funny in the moment but not on purpose.


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1st Place at SlamCharlotte

I tallied my first win at a slam this past weekend, taking first place at SlamCharlotte. Honored to be competing with the likes of Mike Simms, one of the originals to do it here. Although I've placed before, and been…Read more

Weddings & Anniversaries

So I don't consider myself a love poet. I actually stay away from that topic for various reasons. Not that I don't believe in love....just something I don't write about very often. Which naturally means I would be asked to…Read more

Four Magazine

My poem Elevators in Metropolis was posted in the September edition of FOUR Magazine. FOUR is the latest and greatest magazine promoting Charlotte and its boundless arts scene. In this edition you will find models, artists, stylists and interviews with…Read more

Long Time?

Its been a long time hasn't it? I bet you're wondering what I'm up to. Well aside from the many personal firestorms that have ripped their way thru my life recently (just like you I'm sure) I've been ok. Seriously…Read more

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