Weddings & Anniversaries

So I don't consider myself a love poet. I actually stay away from that topic for various reasons. Not that I don't believe in love....just something I don't write about very often. Which naturally means I would be asked to write/perform a poem for a wedding and anniversary.

In July, I performed a custom poem for a "fairy tale wedding" on the Disney World Resort. That was an amazing experience and the poem was very well received.

Later in July, I performed a custom poem for a 20th wedding anniversay for a good friend. Live musical accompaniment from a keyboardist made this night amazing as well.

In September, I was asked by a friend of a friend to write a poem for the wedding of a young couple. I didnt have time to fully memorize the poem due to the short notice of the request, but I must say it was probably the best crowd reaction i've ever had to a love poem. The wedding itself was beautiful and the reception was perfect!

So am I a love poet? Nope. Still can't consider myself a love poet, but I've surprised myself with some of the things I've written lately. In fact, I'm working on an album right now (ok technically I'm working on 4 albums right now...smh..sheesh) that required me to write love poems, so I'm getting much better at it. When I do write poems about love though, I am much more apt to write about the real, gritty, ugly part of love. That doesnt make love less attractive to me, it just sets realistic expectations. Love is 1 part nostalgia, and 3 parts hard work. A lesson I probably should've learned years ago.

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