Slams, Youth and Balance

Since the last time I've updated my status, I placed 2nd at LEAF (Lake Eden Arts Festival) poetry slam....(which is a pretty big deal, some of the best poets in the entire southeast), and placed first in the Lyrical Elevation slam (again, big deal...$500 draw, against some of the best poets in NC..blah, blah).

By far though, the best thing in my life from a poetry standpoint has been working with youth poets via BreatheInk ( Terry, Jessica and I teach workshops on writing and performance twice a month and host an open mic and slam once a month. Its amazing to see how talented these kids are and the drive they have to be better. What's even more satisfying for me is seeing their growth each month, how they become more confident and purposeful with their voice. The next open mic and slam is tomorrow night, and I am super excited!

Aside from poetry, I have made a concerted effort to maintain balance in my life. I think I've been very successful at that. God, Family, Work and Poetry. I started the process of prioritizing and balancing these elements about 2 years ago and the difference is amazing. Don't get me wrong, my life is crazy stressful right now on every front. But that balance has helped me cope. I can only imagine if I threw myself completely into work or poetry how much of a catastrophe the other elements would be. I can be a bit of a workaholic with my occupation and with my art so it does take continued effort to keep that balance...and the nature of art makes it difficult in general to 'dial it back' for the sake of balance, but it is possible, and I'm glad to say I'm making that effort.

if you appreciate my art and how hard I work to sustain it and make it grow...please appreciate how how hard I'm working to balance everything else.

Until the next post......

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