NaPoWriMo 30/30

April being National Poetry Month, many poets each year engage in 30/30 (30 poems in 30 days). I did something similar in November of 2015 as a primer to get me ready for this moment, this now. I am participating in this writing gauntlet for the first time and I am intimidated. I am a slow writer, meaning it takes me months to write and edit a piece before I'm willing to share it with anyone. The prospect of sharing unedited work that I just wrote is just downright scary. Maybe you feel the same way? If so, one thing that might help is to organize a small group of poets to share your work with and hold each other accountable. I formed a private group on Facebook (so I wouldn't have to share my unfinished, bad, work publicly) and it has been inspiring to say the least. I won't share my actual poems here, but I will provide the running list of poem titles below. Why not challenge yourself to write a poem a day for the remainder of the month? Whether you choose to share it with others or not you're bound to surprise yourself with what you create.

01. An Ode to Black-ish in 3 Parts
02. Filibuster in the Dr.'s Office After Turning 40
03. 16 Bars for the Star Wars Rap Battle League, or Vader Addresses Kylo Ren and All Dem Rumors
04. Gross Things You Never Knew About Poetry and Were Afraid to Ask
05. Lies My Selfie Told Me That I Chose to Believe
06. The Poem Where I Don't Use the Word Poem
07. Pillow Talk With My Alarm Clock
08. For Kobe (and slam poets)
09. A List of Items Still in Your Closet, For My Ex
10. My Brother was the Cute One
11. Where it Goes Down, A Found Poem from the DM's
12. Tanka from a Previous Poem
13. Getting Beat Up by Girls
14. Sonku for the Lover Waiting in Quicksand
15. What Happens When You Try to 30/30 and Diet in the Same Month
16. Nonet, Reprise of Black Star's What's Beef
17. Cycle of Goodbyes
18. Northern Black Folk and Cotton
19. Proverbs For All the Ways I Have Fallen Short
20. In Which the Lightskin Guy Behaves Lightskinned at the Risk of Being Called Lightskinded
21. A History of the Word Boy
22. Sound Stone, Rosetta
23. A Somonka I Wrote with a Student in my Workshop Today
24. Shadorma for my Purpose (After Watching Video 'Women Over 30 Be Like')
25. Filibuster in the Dr's Office After Turning 40 part II
26. Tomorrow I May Be Far Away - Ekphrastic
27. Mr. Jeremiah's Sunset Guitar - Ekphrastic
28. Pittsburgh Memory - Ekphrastic
29. Southern Recall & The Lamp - Ekphrastic
30. For Romare Bearden

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